Tier 3


If you’re looking for cost-effective yet comprehensive editing services, this is ya boi.

This hybrid option combines the best of my copy editing and proofreading skills. I will ensure your manuscript is ready to be published by:

  • Addressing punctuation and spelling errors
  • Identifying major plot holes, character inconsistencies, or unclear language usage
  • Fixing typos and formatting errors (chapter breaks, typeface, etc.)

The biggest limitation of this tier is that I will not be able to help further develop plot points or characters. In-depth copyediting (Tier 2) allows for more in-depth analysis of your story elements.

*This tier does not include poetry services, because I don’t know what that entails. But if you like my work and have an idea, I’m more than happy to collab.


$50 – $75
20k – 49.9k words

Proofreading novellas is


$100 – $175
50k – 110k words

I love novellas and wish people utilized this medium more often. Let’s write one!

Please email me your submission as a Google Doc or PDF and include the page/word count. I will respond within 2 business days to set up a consultation, where we can hammer out all the details. I look forward to reading your work!