Ama Akoto

Language is one of the most powerful tools Black creatives have at our disposal. The power to illuminate, create, express, and imagine a better world is crucial to our survival as a people, and I want to help facilitate that. In addition to writing my own flowery poetry and damning essays about identity and sex and love, I edit!

I want to be a part of your quest to tell our stories–the ones of our joy, pleasure, love, fear, complexity, success, and freedom. I hope to offer deeply personal consulting services for marginalized writers, predicated on our shared belief in a liberated future for all Black people. If you’ve got a story to tell, I wanna help you tell it. And make it fucking beautiful.

Do you have a manuscript or collection of poems that you’ve been waiting to publish?

About Me

I am a Black feminist writer whose passions revolve around DC residents and good IPAs. It is my life’s goal to uplift the stories of Black people’s joys, complexities, and pleasures, and continue imagining a world where we are free to be our best selves.
As an editor, I strive to help writers – particularly Black queer, trans, and cis women and non binary folks – tell their stories in beautiful and personally meaningful ways. My passion for exploring myself and my people through language trickles into my professional work, where I strive to uplift Black people – our voices and experiences – through political communications strategy and narrative framing.
When I’m not writing self-indulgent poetry or sweating over erotic fiction, I organize with Black women in my community to provide material support such as groceries, tutoring services, and childcare to my people. 
You can find some of my poetry featured alongside other Black artists in the first issue of the Black Woman’s Latitude zine!

Ama Akoto

As a Black feminist writer, it is my true honor to work with Black authors who are imagining a freer, more joyous world.

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Got a manuscript or collection of poems that you’ve been burning to share? Hit me up!


Washington, D.C.

Editing Services
  • Developmental
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Hybrid: proof editing
  • Poetry