Editing services for marginalized writers interested in non-traditional publishing.

If you’ve got a story to tell, I wanna help you at any and every stage of that process. Let’s make beautiful art together!


If you’re looking for a quick read-through of your manuscript, this is the tier for you. I will be looking through your manuscript for technical fixes regarding typos, typeface discrepancies (headlines, bolded words, etc.), and punctuation.

I will not make significant changes to the flow and structure of your writing, as the proofreading process typically happens after copyediting to ensure a ready-for-publication document.


This tier combines both structural and technical fixes to your manuscript. I will comb through each and every line to reconcile discrepancies regarding grammar, sentence structure and flow, continuity, and plot.

My goal is to make your writing as clear and impactful as possible, while staying true to your voice and style as a writer. I also want to help ensure (or establish) consistency across all of your writing.

Developmental/Structural Editing

This is my favorite tier, because I love storytelling, and during this process we work together to create a bomb ass story. I will assist in your efforts to establish cohesive plot points, narrative themes, meaningful character development, and overall plot structure.

If you prefer to get the story out on paper before bringing on an editor, I can instead serve as the first pair of eyes on your work in its very early stages. I want to make sure your story is a phenomenal one by helping you to develop it.