5 – Endings

From the Numbered Collection I can’t stay hereWith youYou can’t hold my handWhile my house burns down around us bothFlames do not know good from badThey can not discernDead from alive Me from you © Ama Akoto (2018)

4 – Winding Paths

From the Numbered Collection SomewhereAlong the road my parents forgedI took a misstepOnto a path where chaos reigns

3 – Darkness

From the Numbered Collection Won’t you take me as yours?Wrap me in your cloakAnd tell my loved onesThat you’ll keep me safeFrom myself © Ama Akoto (2018)

2 – Lovers

From the Numbered Collection I tell little lies to my loverEveryday. White lies of contentmentAs if I am not angry without reasonSolemn without prompt or explanation

1 – Body

From the Numbered Collection Water-filled lungsDo not rise and fallBroken limbsWill falter beneath the weight of windCrippled fingers and swollen lipsWill make jagged edges of your touchAnd a bloody mess of your words, however well-intendedA mind reeling around itselfEating at its own fleshWill eventually decayAnd your thoughts will notSeep into the soilOr float to the…