Tier 1

Build Me Up

Let’s work together to create the story you want to tell!

There’s lots of planning and intention that goes into crafting a great story, but I don’t have to tell you that! I want to assist in your efforts to establish cohesive plot points, narrative themes, meaningful character development, and overall plot structure. I will help you:

  • Craft a compelling outline of your story
  • Flesh out three-dimensional characters that are relatable and who grow throughout your narrative
  • Identify any plot holes or character inconsistencies

If you prefer to get the story out on paper before bringing on an editor, I can also serve as the first pair of eyes on your work in its very early stages. I want to make sure your story is a phenomenal one by helping you to develop it.


20 – 40 pages

I’m not even sure if people still co-write poetry together but if you’re interested, so am I!


$150 – $200
20k – 49.9k words

I love novellas and wish people utilized this medium more often. If you’re interested in developing a novella or series of short stories, I’m excited to work with you.


$250 – $400
50k – 110k words

Despite the appeal of short stories, novels will always have my heart. I love to read a good, long story, but more than that I love to tell one. What story do you want to tell?

Please email me your submission as a Google Doc or PDF and include the page/word count. I will respond within 2 business days to set up a consultation, where we can hammer out all the details. I look forward to reading your work!

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