Take Me Home

Take Me Home

This is a “Poem of the Day” feature piece

I got the Combahee
In my mouth
The thick spill of molasses between my cheeks
Let a single drop of honeysuckle
On my lips
So I can kiss you
Leave you with the lasting taste
Of a Georgia peach
Drizzling down ur sticky chin
A deep down southern belle wid
A lil bit a sunflower on my toes
And cotton grazing my fingertips
Fields open wide
To my gyrating dances
St. Louis under my feet
And Tallahassee tucked beneath my arm
I got light in my dark, shrouded places
Warmth to fight off the threat of the cold
And low hanging oranges to pick
When you’re fixing for a drink
And something fleshy to bite
I got Fisk roads on my body
Curving all up and down my backside and bosom
Durham on my throat like
Sweat pooling around my tender areas
I got Atlanta slithering through my veins
Moving my arms and legs like the
Shenandoah and Black Warrior rivers
I’m almost heaven
Sitting at the tops of redwoods
Crossing my legs with the branches
And letting autumn leaves fall from neath my skirt
I got home
Here waiting in the geography of my body
I got the Mississippi
In my mouth

© Ama Akoto (2018)

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