Love Period (.)

Love Period (.)

I have been
Many places inside love
Pockets and corners
Where insecurities hide
Cowering behind thinly veiled
Emotional traumas
Exacting their violent revenges
On young girls.

I have been seated between lies and fists
Been held by rapists
Licked by soulless men
And seen through the eyes of Narcissus himself

I have been Queen of confusion
Slouching atop my throne
Knowing intimately listless love.

I have been loved
The way an open palm
Does the apple of one’s cheek.

Reacquainted many times
Again and again
Have been the eye of
Death and I

I’ve kissed its
Shadowy mouth
And watched shards of myself
Brighten its rayless cloaks
Fitting themselves together
Puzzle pieces.

Love has shown me its
Branded my skin
With its reckless flames
Oh! the pains it has inflicted
The joys it has snatched.

My cowering heart
Knows the hollows
And crooks of love
It fits snugly in its fine grooves

To be loved as I have
Is to die
A death that pleases,
A torture that rips
You up into
Shreds of passion
And pain
Most of all, pain
It is to lose one’s precious mind
In the disarray of pointlessness
And untended wounds.

It is to be dulled
And disillusioned;
To know firsthand
How futility dims the aroused.

© Ama Akoto (2017)

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