Though my primary focus is in exploring Black joy and pleasure through fiction, I look forward to telling all kinds of authentic stories with you.

Language is one of the most powerful tools Black creatives have at our disposal. The power to illuminate, create, express, and imagine a better world is crucial to our survival as a people, and I want to help facilitate that. In addition to writing flowery poetry and essays about identity and sex and love, I edit!

If you don’t need an editor right now, check out some of my work!

City Emotions

Working through feelings of sorrow, freedom, love, and retribution.


A poem about you.


I turned our pictures face side downAnd stopped playing the songs you sent meRemoved my favorite necklaceWith your smiling face etched into the locketFrom its home around my neckBreathed a new scent that I had begun to forgetAnd others seemed to miss

The Spent Woman

Every day is a battle against pick-me-ism.

Free form therapizing

I think about the sun sometimes. Being her. Perhaps exploding with her, our brilliant light streaking through the universe like a crashing orgasm, leaving the planets and stars shaking, thrashing about contentedly.

Som days

What does it mean to define yourself in adulthood, separate from the trauma our parents unknowindlgy inflicted on us?

Monologue 1

This one I think is meant to be performed. When I wrote it, it sounded like a monologue. Someone telling whoever would listen how she fucked up her plants.

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